Birthdays and Life

Today is my birthday and I find myself reminiscing about my life and finding myself so thankful for the life God has granted me. I am so thankful for the people he has allowed me to have contact with and those who are my friends. I realize the years are passing by quickly and I want to be relevant in ministering to those who are hurting and those who need hope and encouragement. I often find myself needing that same encouragement so I desire to sow it in others lives. I am not interested in being known as the healthcare worker, the author, the singer-songwriter or anything else. I hope it is said of me that, "He Cared." God sent his son because he cared. Jesus obeyed his Father because he cared. The Holy Spirit is still on the earth because the Father and son cared. If you want to give me a birthday wish; my request is that you too will care for someone who can't repay you. Just love on someone who is discouraged and down. Pray for rest on those who are tired and weary. If  that is you, email me and I will pray for you! I appreciate you and I am glad you are in my life. I pray and thank the Lord for Psalm 103: 2, "Praise the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits-" It is beneficial to serve the Lord and allow him to love on you. Thank You for listening to me reminisce today! After all it is the day the Lord allowed me to take a breath on this earth he created! The scripture states he knew us in our mothers womb! Jeremiah 29:11 says he has plans for us..plans for good and not evil to give a future and a hope! Happy Birthday to all of you!