Howard Lull Songwritter

Turning Eyes Toward The Father

As the music plays, you will quickly understand the meld that has taken place in the heart of this creative artist, singer/songwriter, Howard Lull. Howard experiences daily, as an Emergency Department Administrator, the agony of people who are held captive not only by physical wounds, but emotional and spiritual.  These connections with people are what have inspired his music and his ministry.  “I have witnessed, firsthand, the need for restoration, for broken hearts to be healed and those who are looking for someone to lead them out of the darkness.”, states Howard.  Howard Lull Music and Turning Eyes Toward the Father Ministries have evolved with these words at their core.

With contemporaries such as Keith Green, Casting Crowns and Neil Diamond , Howard’s goal in the field of music is to take the classic sound of worship and share it, unencumbered.  Raw and real.  Writing what he claims is whispered into his ears and heart.  

Music has always been a part of Howard’s life.  Howard began to play guitar early in his youth and knew that music had a place, but laid it aside as his career in healthcare began to take fold.   After 20 years of ministering to patients, staff and professionals in the healthcare arena, Howard was given a prophetic word and shortly after began to walk in the vision of his youth.  Turning Eyes Toward the Father Ministries was born.  The title of his ministry has a powerful personal meaning to Howard.  In his formative years, Howard’s father was killed in Vietnam.  He knows what goes on in the minds and hearts of those who are fatherless.  A feeling of being incomplete.  Then searching to fill that hole.  A large part of the mission of his music is to minister to those who walk in those shoes.  “I had to come to a place of total reliance on God for all areas of my life. I had to live Matthew 6:33.  Seeking not only His kingdom, but also His righteousness”, exclaims Howard.

Howard currently resides in Syracuse New York with his wife Brenda.  They have two grown children.  Jacqueline who is a schoolteacher and Zachary who recently graduated with a degree in religious studies.  They have clearly followed in their father’s footsteps.  Howard is a leader, an encourager and an advocate.   Speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. With five recorded projects and five motivational books penned, Howard has been given the gifts to provide a solid foundation for his ministry of music and speaking.  He is a musicianary who has experienced the deep, dark hurt that this world can hand out and has walked paths that he chose that led to nowhere. He has also experienced the unconditional love of a Father who forgives and restores and is now walking the path that leads to eternity.  Howard says, “I can now walk with my head held high, having a relationship with a God that accepts me for who I am.  Has forgiven me for who I was and uses me to speak of His love, forgiveness and security to others.  This is the essence of my music.”  

A new music offering is currently in process.  Profoundly titled Still Turning Eyes.  Howard is also in the creative stages of a program that will give a ‘call to action’ for the fatherless.  Joining them together with service men that will mentor and take them under their wing.  Completing the circle that has led Howard to this defining point in his life.  Literally gently nudging the chins of individuals upward, through his music, in order that their eyes may turn toward our Heavenly Father.