32nd Anniversary


Today I celebrate my 32nd year anniversary with my wife. As I look back on 32 years ofmarriage; I am reminded of things a mentor shared with me. I would like to share them with you. It’s the area of “Women”. (go ahead and laugh and get it out of your system) Believe it or not I have mentored in this area as well by my wife and daughter and I don’t think they knew they were mentoring me or that I was listening. You may ask how can a young lady and my wife mentor me. The truth is that even though we are related by marriage and blood; They are also my sisters in Christ. I have an obligation to honor and treat them as such. And Humoursly I might add I still have a lot to learn!

I strive to learn the things that matter to a woman. I am married and have a daughter. 98% of my profession is women. I am surrounded with only one way out! That way out is to learn! So please enjoy the rest of this.

A woman is an investment. It is fascinating that God, who walked with Adam concluded that Adam didn’t have all that he needed. So he created what Adam needed-Woman.

We know the Importance of a Woman. God compared her to his Church. And the whole bible was written for the church. She is the value in a mans life. Not just a Christian man but any man!

As a wife she is my greatest investment. She decides the size of a mans dreams, goals and what he attempts. She is the greatest investment of my life.

Next to God my wife is the most important asset in my life. She is my confidante and many times an instrument of hope for me. Probably more than she realizes.

The bible portrays marriage as the picture of a mentor-protégé relationship. God says to a husband that he is to lay his life down for her as Christ did the Church. And we know what happened there; he died for the church. I teach nourish and impart to her and she to me. She does not learn through correction from the one she is intimate with because she sees it as ‘disapproval.” Neither one of us can bear constant disapproval from each other. ( I have a couch that bears my witness of this). Ha!

I daily thank God that my wife is in my life and I lay down my life for her. What an honor it is.

In this day and age of deception; I have chosen to be transparent. I am told not to get too personal at work and I do understand there are lines that are to be respected and not crossed and I respect those as well. I share this with you to offer hope and to affirm you value in my life as well. Society tries to place value on certain people, incomes etc. Please Be encouraged and know God holds you in high value.