Enjoy the Lord

I can't believe that after all I have been through with the Lord that I still experience times where I have to remind myself to enjoy the Lord and the Life he has blessed me with. I have often times told people that if the Lord called me home today, that all I could do is look at Him and say, "Thank You!" I have been a blessed man living in a blessed time in a blessed nation with blessed people. When my focus gets out of touch and all I can see are the battles I am fighting and the battles that lay before me, things tend to become distorted. Do you find it that way in your life? Nahum 1:7 states," The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him." God cares for us at all times. As I have been the Director of Emergency Departments around the USA. I have prayed with many people fighting illnesses in all areas of their life. What a privilege for me to pray with them. I continually remind them that God is faithful and he has their best interests in mind. Now I am reminding myself of the same thing. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ that have gone on before us have had to do the same thing. I am privileged to live, to fight in the wars and minister to people. Today i choose to show my gratitude to the Lord with the respect he deserves for blessing me so that i could also bless others. Howard's Helpful Hint: Centered people remind themselves to show respect and be grateful.