Spend Some Time With Me

Hi and thanks again for visiting my blog. Earlier this year i went on a 21 day fast and was reading and writing and praying like i normally do. It occurred to me that this time of year is about the only real focused time I give to the Lord in my busy life. Don't get me wrong I read and pray daily but its not usually as focused as when I'm on a fast. Thats usually because now I'm focused and I remove a lot of the distractions and outside influences I have been listening to. I also keep a fairly comprehensive planner that challenges me to live my best life. One section in the planner is titled, Make today worth remembering." In that section I make a point to write in someones name I haven't spoken to in a long while like 6-12 months. I make a point to call them and catch up but mainly just tell them I have been thinking of them and I am glad they are in my life. Some are surprised to hear from me and others say that they have been thinking of me lately as well. In my travels and life I have found the one thing that truly matters is people and relationships. Nothing profound there. The profound part comes when I actually walk my talk. I have a badge I wear at work that says "don't look past people." I make a point to say hello and greet with a smile. People have come and gone in my life and I dearly miss those loved ones who have passed on and oh how I would love to hear their voice one more time. So the point of this blog is to remind us that our friends and family need our love; not our political opinion or problems. Make someones day and give them a surprise call or visit. I haver attached a video recording of a song I wrote about this. I hope you love it! I am so glad you are in my life and you mean something to me. Love you all. Enjoy! I love your comments and encouragements so leave me a note! 

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