Back At it!

Hey My friends and Neighbors and family and favorite peeps! I finally am recovered from surgery and the surgeons released me to go back to work! Woohoo! I still have some healing to do in the skin graft area but its well and all is cool. Thank you so much for all the encouragement and prayers and cards and concern you showed me. You truly mean a lot to me. So more update: We got the website up and running again! We still have tweaks and things to do but its a great start. Thanks to my friend Sharon Reaves for making me look good! I hope to be doing at least a weekly blog and updates and getting the music out and encouraging more and more people. I love you all! We will be turning comments on soon you can respond to the blogs and posts. Until then just use my contact page and drop me a line with your thoughts and any fun stuff we can catch up on! I pray you and your families are well!

BTW Thats a great pic isn't it! hahaha! 

Blessings and Rock on!

Howard "The Hitman" Lull

Howard Lull