Become Renewed

Psalm 51:10 (New International Version) 10 "Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me." I have been reading a great book by Jentezen Franklin titled, "Fasting." Anyone who knows of Jentezen and his ministry knows he is a firm believer in fasting and often talks of the benefits both spiritual and physical. I like the fact that he emphasizes that it isn't an easy thing to do and he has such a practical approach to fasting. Well you probably guessed it. I see so many of us who seem to need a renewal and sanctification of motives, desires, attitudes, our flesh, and frankly a right spirit. We all know David's story of failure with Bathsheba but I'm focusing on Our God's forgiving and restoration desire and power for us. In the Old Testament God didn't leave David on his own. In the New Testament he didn't leave you and I alone either. I am sensing a season of of forgiving restoration power for anyone who wants to grab it. I was speaking to a friend of mine last night and I find very often that the reason we don't gain more ground for God and solidify more of God's ways in our lives is because we don't want to pay the price that it takes to get past the things that we struggle with. We become comfortable with them and some sin can be like an old friend waiting to make us feel good for a moment and then feel terrible for a month! I'm not necessarily focusing on sin but lets say you and I want more power and more of God's movement in our lives than just the daily prayers and salutations. Then speaking for me and some of you we are going to have to pay a bigger price. You have heard it said that the most expensive things in life cost the most. That's no different spiritually. We want the best; we have to pay the price. God sent his son Jesus so we could have access to him and his ways, but it is up to you and I to tap into them. So here I go...Time to pay the price. I am encouraged though, I believe it will be well worth it! I can miss a meal or two and spend more time in prayer! It isn't going to hurt me. Read Isaiah 58 and 59 see the benefits of fasting and paying the price. I will write more as I walk this road. Your prayers are appreciated.

Howard's Helpful Hint: Centered people pay the price required by scripture to get where they desire to go.