What a Winter!

What a Winter! Some of the coldest temps and wind chills in history. I can always see a relationship between the real seasons and my personal seasons of life. In the winter I tend to hibernate in many ways. Im not as active on social media unless its a holiday of some sort and I am showing off family fun. I stay inside unless life dictates otherwise. My friends attend NFL games in blowing snow and freezing temps. I did that once. Not again. Hahaha! I tend to use the winter season to recharge and sleep and other ways of being lazy. My last winter was the longest of my life with health issues fighting a cancer diagnosis and surgery and healing which finally took place in late August. I guess i’m writing these things to encourage you even in the winter of your life when things are slower and don’t seem to be happening to rest in the peace and presence God has provided for you. I never write or ask of you things Im not practicing myself. Feel free when we run into each other to share your life and story with me. I know it will include a winter when everything you dreamed seemed to be hibernating. Thats a cool thing because we don’t just look with our physical eyes but with our spiritual eyes and allow God to incubate and care for those things that mean the most to us. If it concerns you then it concerns God. I have to remind myself that just because i don’t see something happening the way I desire doesn’t mean something isn’t happening when I trust God and his behind the scenes ways. I don’t like superficial expressions with hollow words so i don’t offer any. I have the tears and scars to prove my trials and God’s faithfulness in my life. He is there for you too. I love you my family and friends. Stay warm and Safe and in his presence and peace. It will all come together in the right season. Write me let me know how your winter is going!

Howard Lull